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Brisbane Wedding Photographer: Intimate Wedding in Ferny Hills, North Brisbane

Nick and Iveta wed yesterday at a very intimate Kiss & Go Wedding Ceremony. Held at celebrant Christina Towler’s home in leafy Ferny Hills, prettily styled with candles and white linen, the ceremony was shared by the groom’s immediate family. Sadly, distance prevented Iveta’s Czech family from attending the ceremony.

So many people now elope or hold very small, intimate weddings. What I notice as a wedding photographer is that whether I am photographing a wedding with 150 guests or it’s just the couple, the celebrant, and the wedding photographer (me!), it makes no difference to the couple as they are married. The reactions are the same – nervousness, adoration, joy. Those present will laugh and cry. Big wedding or small, what it’s really about is the joining of two people.

When I arrived at Christina’s home, Nick and Iveta were drinking tea, spending a quiet moment together before the excitement of the arrival of their guests. Iveta wore a long, white dress with a pretty tied back, while Nick kept things clean and casual in jeans and white linen shirt.

Nick’s grandparents, parents and sisters arrived, and once the forgotten rings were retrieved from the car, Christina started the ceremony. As part of the nuptials, the bride and groom lit a candle for Iveta’s mum, and exchanged vows in Czech.

Afterwards, we headed to a nearby field to photograph the family formal portraits and the bride and groom portraits. We were blessed in the last ten minutes of the wedding photography when the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Simple doesn’t mean it’s not special.

Are you thinking of a simple, fuss-free wedding? Kiss & Go Wedding Ceremonies may be just what you’re looking for. Check out Christina’s website here.

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A black and white image of the bride with arms crossed, nervously waiting for the guests to arrive and the ceremony to begin

Iveta waits for the ceremony to start

A composite image of the bride and groom cuddling; and drinking their tea. Moments caught by candid wedding photographer Lara Lane Wedding Photography

Iveta and Nick wait nervously for one o’clock

The bride is cleverly caught in the reflection of the mirror, inhaling the perfume of her bouquet

The bride gazes at her bouquet as she waits for the guests to arrive


The bride waits with her sister-in-law to be; they examine the horse shoe that the bride has been given for luck.

Iveta looks up at Nick as she prepares to ascend the stairs and walk down the aisle with her betrothed. Composite of three images.

Iveta looks up at Nick as she prepares to ascend the stairs and walk down the aisle with her betrothed.

Signing the register

A muslin arch adorns the wooden slats of the deck; candles and gold ornaments make for beautiful, current wedding styling

Styling on celebrant Christina Towler’s desk

Wedding photography family photo, with the groom's mother bending over to remove prickles from the bride's dress, while the groom slaps his forehead in frustration and the bride smiles cheekily at the camera.

One of my favourite wedding family formal images of all time, with the groom’s mother removing prickles from the bride’s dress, the groom looking thoroughly unimpressed, and the bride looking just as cute as can be.

Family formal portraits

The bride and groom embrace for their formal wedding portraits.

Bride and groom portraits

Bride and groom portraits - the bride and groom laugh together

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Brisbane Wedding Photographer: Elopement photography at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Simone and Joe, just minutes after tying the knot.


There’s just something so romantic about an elopement. There’s no doubt that these two people are here for each other. No pomp. No production. Just two people who want to declare their undying love and commitment.

Simone and Joe’s ceremony, officiated by celebrant Kylie Starr, was simple and sincere, witnessed only by wedding planner and stylist Sweet Petite Wedding and Elopements’ Caroline Foster and their favourite Brisbane wedding photographer, me 😉.

Simone requested fun and romantic, but simple styling and Sweet Petite Weddings and Elopements certainly delivered, with white and blush elements popping against the dark green backdrop of the trees.

Simone’s pastel bouquet , a creation of Floraccasions, was the perfect accompaniment to her blush, sequined dress. Understated with a touch of glamour – it was the perfect elopement dress.

Simone and Joe were nervous about their bride and groom portraits, but when we got to it, they did wonderfully. Any newlywed couple will make a beautiful portrait just by being in that special moment together. Afterwards, Simone wrote to thank me for the photos and mentioned, “We were so nervous and you made us feel comfortable!”. I was so glad to read that! It’s so important to feel comfortable with your wedding photographer. Not just because you need it to make great images, but more importantly, because you want to enjoy every part of your day, including the portraits. This is true whether you are eloping or having the wedding of the decade. (She also said, of her wedding photography “definitely beyond happy!! Thank you”.

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From an elopement to the biggest wedding, Lara Lane can offer a package to suit you. You can find all my packages clearly laid out with prices listed here:



Simone and Joe eloped next to the Brisbane River at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Planning and Styling: Sweet Petite Weddings and Elopements

Celebrant: Kylie Starr

Florist: Floraccasions

Photography: Lara Lane Photography

This fun, romantic set up by Sweet Petite Weddings and Events

The ceremony, presided over by Brisbane Celebrant Kylie Starr

Gorgeous bouquet by Floraccasions

Looking for a wedding photographer in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or beyond? I’d love to hear about your plans for your wedding. Contact me to check availability for your date.

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Brisbane Lifestyle Family Photography: Alyssa’s first birthday

I always love to photograph little kids – it’s super challenging but also hard to walk away without some great shots. Kids are just cute.

But, this particular shoot was extra special for me. Nearly three years ago, I did the hen’s party photography for this beautiful mum’s hen’s bash on the Gold Coast. Again, hard to go wrong when the hen’s party consisted of thirteen absolutely stunning Russian women. I didn’t understand a word that anyone said, but it’s impossible not to feel the joy and excitement of sisterhood on the brink of a young woman’s wedding.

So naturally I was absolutely thrilled when the bride from that party, Anastasia, contacted me. She requested I undertake some lifestyle family photography for her daughter’s first birthday at their beautiful home on the Gold Coast. Although people don’t necessarily notice me so much at events, by the time I have spent two hours photographing your hen’s party and then many more hours looking at your face while I edit the photos, I really feel like I know you. The prospect of seeing how Anastasia had grown and matured, and meeting her husband and daughter was very pleasing, and pleased I was. Anastasia was still, of course, beautiful. Her little girl Alyssa was absolutely perfect. Husband and home both lovely.

To top it off, two of the other young women from the hens party were also there with their adorable little girls. It really was a lovely family photography session. Yes, you need patience to photograph little kids. Especially three of them. But the results are worth it.

If you’re looking for a Brisbane Lifestyle Family Photographer, or family photography on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

One-year old Alyssa captured on her first birthday by lifestyle family photographer Larissa, of Lara Lane Photography

Gorgeous Alyssa on her first birthday


Toddler Milana posing for the camera

Adorable Milana, helping Alyssa celebrate her birthday

Toddler Marcia contemplates the photographer

Beautiful, thoughtful Marcia

Toddler Milana appeals to her mum, crying, as friend Alyssa steals her toy.

Lifestyle family photography isn’t only about the smiles…

Mum Anastasialooks lovingly at her one-year old daughter Alyssa

Alyssa with her stunning mama, Anastasia, whose hens party I photographed a few years ago

The mums hold their little girls

The other little girls with their mamas

Toddler Alyssa chews her colourful ball toys.

Just chillin’. One-year-old style.

Toddler Alyssa, with princess attitude.

Like one year-old royalty

A balloon partially obscures both Marcia's and her mama's face

I love love love this image, with both toddler Marcia’s and her mama’s face obscured by the balloon.

A selection of images from Anastasia's hens party photography, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

A couple of highlights from Anastasia’s hens party photography, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Lara Lane Photography

Lifestyle family photography: beautiful images worthy of the memory of your kids.


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