February 2017

The Importance of Good Wedding Photography


As a wedding photographer, I am surrounded by people (namely, my clients and other wedding photographers) who think the same way as I do about wedding photography: that it is really important! After all, wedding photographers take their craft very seriously. We feel that our clients have trusted us to with something very special, and we strive to reward that trust by doing our utmost to provide every couple with beautiful, thoughtful images.

This is why it was such a shock to me when my friend recently commented (on the subject of my own upcoming nuptials), Really? Isn’t the most important thing the dress? The hair? The make up?

I will admit that I was taken aback. This thinking is so foreign to me. For my own wedding, I have prioritised the things that will last beyond the day – the rings and the photography. My thoughts are, I am going to be looking at that ring every day for the rest of my life. And I am going to have those wedding photos on my wall; in an album on my coffee table; I am going to be showing these images to my children and my grandchildren.

And after enough time has passed, because it is the way of things, my memory of the day itself will fade, to be replaced by the images in those photos.

To my friend I said, Well, you can have a couture dress and a hair and make up artist to the stars. You can look incredible and beautiful amazing on your day, but an unskilled photographer can still make you look bad. Bad lighting, bad angles, cheesy poses and cliched images. But you can have a simple dress and minimal make up and a good photographer will show just how beautiful you look. Will show the joy in your face and the love in your touch. The tear in your mother’s eye as she puts on your veil and the pride in your father’s face as he walks you down the aisle. And these will be your memories and the thing that, along with your love, will last.

So maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just my perspective as a wedding photographer, but I believe in the importance of what I do. And when I see bad wedding photography, it really does hurt my heart. Choose your photographer wisely, my friends.


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