Candid Wedding Photography: evening wedding in Brisbane

Alex and Lysiane were married in a quiet, emotional ceremony on a Friday evening at The Coach House in the inner suburbs of Brisbane.

This was our first visit to the Coach House, a quaint and beautifully styled space hidden behind The Little Red Providore in Red Hill. In the late afternoon, it offered beautiful contrast that allowed us to really play with light and shadow in the images.

The ceremony was an intimate affair, presided over by Christina Towler of Kiss and Go Weddings, attended by the groom’s brother Ben and his glowingly pregnant partner Brooke. As we arrived, Christina was setting up the space with some lovely, romantic touches. My own husband, wedding photographer extraordinaire, assistant and second photographer Benjamin, captured the brothers getting ready as I followed the sounds of giggling upstairs.

Lysiane enjoyed a glass of wine as her hair and make up artist transformed her into “Bride”. There was lots of laughter and excitement as well as some quiet contemplation. There is always a moment in that getting ready time when things really start to get real for the bride. I remember it well from my own wedding, and as a wedding photographer, it is something that I really enjoy being present for. I always think of the groom, how when they have returned from the honeymoon, the couple will sit down and look through the wedding photos together, and the groom will see that progression – from the giggling excitement, to the quietness as the time comes closer, and often a tear as the enormity of the event, the expression of true love and commitment, hits. Sure, it’s not always that way. But I love it when it is, and it was here.

I always say that it is an honour to photograph a wedding, and it truly is. To be present for those moments, to have someone let go and be emotional in front of you is a privilege. To share in those moments, even from behind the camera, is the beauty of being a wedding photographer.

Alex’s amazing, emotional reaction to seeing Lysiane for the first time as his bride was something that they will both remember forever, I am sure. There wasn’t a person present without a tear in their eye at witnessing that overwhelming love.

After the ceremony, a drink was had in celebration and the bride and groom shared a first dance out on the deck. Their preference was for candid wedding photography, and they certainly provided plenty of candid fodder for our cameras with their laughter and kisses and loving looks.

Alex and Lysiane continued their quiet celebration at the London Club in Teneriffe, where we captured a few final candid wedding images before leaving them to it.

Congratulations to Alex and Lysiane. We wish you all the very best for a long and loving future together.


Lysiane’s beautiful flowers were arranged by her very own self. She and her mother are the creative minds behind freelance floral service The Posy Posse –

Celebrant – Christina Towler –

Make-up by Andria Malouf Artistry –

Hair by Jody Callan Hair –

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    Beautiful and spot on photography!

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