The Colemans at home: a lifestyle family photography sitting

It’s true what they say – babies change and grow so quickly!

I have to admit that I was nervous going in to this family photography session! Mum Leigh contacted me having been given my name by a family photographer friend of mine, the lovely Lan Shepherd. Lan photographed Leigh’s daughter Willow as an infant and Leigh was looking for family photos with the latest addition to her family, Flynn, now nine months. Lan’s images are so different in style to my lifestyle family photography I was definitely worried! Leigh assured me that she had looked at my website and loved my style so we booked the date.

Lifestyle family photography - infant in his cot

I love to capture people in their own environment – in this case, in the cot!

Once I arrived at the Coleman house, my nervousness all disappeared. The family was lovely, and to be welcomed into a client’s home is always a privilege.

I love the juxtaposition in demeanor of brother and sister in this image.

For both lifestyle family photography and portrait family photography, I love to do at least part of the sitting in the home. People’s homes are an extension of who they are, so that really helps personalities to shine through. People are also more comfortable and relaxed, and given that most of us don’t love being in front of the camera (me included!), being in your own environment really helps.  A part of me thinks “especially children” but really, it’s probably more “especially adults”.

Lifestyle family photography - a kiss for mummy

An image that this mum will treasure.

Willow and Flynn both were wonderful in front of the camera.  Willow was so expressive and her personality just shone through. Flynn is surely the only nine-month-old I’ve ever photographed who consistently looked at the camera when I said his name. A photographer’s dream!

Lifestyle family photography - little girl

Can’t go past those beautiful eyes.

We split the session between different rooms in the house and finished up with some images outside in the afternoon sun. The differences in lighting conditions in the different rooms, the backyard and then a natural wooded area nearby allowed me to get lots of variety in the shots. This not only makes my job as a family photographer really fun, it also allowed me to deliver lots of different shots to the family.

I love that peek of daddy’s hand in this image – there’s something so steadying and reassuring in that

Family resemblance…

*I wanted to share with you some of the feedback from Leigh from this shoot. “Love, love, love! They are all amazing Larissa! You are making my job very hard to choose which one to print and frame for the wall. Thanks again for all your work, you have done a fantastic job and I would highly recommend you to others.”

Thanks, Leigh! Artists need (crave?) positive feedback and I feel touched that my clients take the time to thank me. All I ever wanted was happy clients!


A Daddy’s love

For more images from this family photography sitting and other family lifestyle photography sessions, have a look at my portfolio.

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Willow in the garden

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