Wedding Photography at Crystal Waters, Maleny

Laura and Luke get Married

13 May 2017

Maleny Wedding Photography at Crystal Waters Eco Village

The day dawned rainy last Saturday, as we got our gear ready to photograph the rustic wedding of Laura and Luke in Maleny. It’s true that it’s possible to capture beautiful wedding portraits in the rain, but it’s rarely the bride and groom’s preference when they have planned an outdoor wedding!

Rustic wedding decorations

Laura and Luke’s rustic wedding at Maleny

It rained heavily on out trip up the mountain from Brisbane (though I admit we got quite excited about the wedding portrait possibilities that the heavy fog offered) but by the time we arrived, the rain had stopped, the skies were cloudy but light, and the guests were arriving.

Candid wedding photographer captures guests embracing at rustic Maleny wedding

Guests arrive at Crystal Waters Eco Village

We haven’t been to Crystal Waters before, but I was thrilled with the photographic possibilities offered by beautiful overhanging trees, open field and green surrounds. Maleny never fails to deliver for a wedding photographer, and this happy occasion was no exception.

Candid wedding photographs of wedding ceremony in Maleny

A beautiful wedding ceremony

Surprisingly for a wedding with one hundred and fifty guests, the nuptials felt very serene and intimate. Bride Laura’s father Steve was the officiant, with that truly personal relationship imbuing the ceremony with so much meaning. Her sister Melissa was also by her side as bridesmaid. Some wedding photographers sort of skim over the images of the ceremony, concentrating instead on the portraits. Not me. Even though these may not be the images that will end up on the wall, this is the important bit. For the bride and groom, this is the exciting bit. And you can see it on their faces, always. And I live to capture that. I am primarily a candid wedding photographer, after all. Give me emotion and I am happy creating beautiful wedding photography!

Afterwards, the guests mingled and enjoyed a magnificent-looking afternoon tea. There was croquet and other games (including mini-croquet!) to keep the younger guests entertained, but the older guests were happy to just spend time together. More opportunities for candid wedding photography.

Wedding photographer captures candid images of lawn games at Maleny wedding

A game of croquet; and preparing for a game of volleyball

The joy that the joining of two people brings is amplified by the joining together of families and friends who may only see each other on special occasions. I know from my own wedding that seeing these images of my guests, remembering their presence and seeing their happiness on our special day, is something that I will treasure for a long time to come.

Candid wedding photographer captures images of wedding guests enjoying the ceremony and surrounds at Crystal Waters Eco Village

Guests enjoy the beautiful surrounds at Crystal Waters

We moved to a nearby field to capture some photos of the wedding party. I know that many people dread this portion of the day, but I was so gratified to hear a groomsman say (surprised!) that he had actually enjoyed it. My style as a wedding photographer is very relaxed and I do try to make sure that this bit of time with the bride and groom’s closest friends is fun and playful. Fun and playful makes for great wedding photos, too!

Candid wedding photography - the bridal party

Candid images of the wedding party

The bride and groom wedding portraits were taken on a pathway strewn with trees on both sides. This provided not only a beautiful backdrop for the images, but also soft, directional light – my favourite.

Posed bride and groom portraits captured by Brisbane wedding photographer in Maleny

Bride and Groom portraits

Laura and Luke were so lovely, and so eager to start their journey together. It was, as always, an honour to capture their wedding day and provide them with the images that they and their children will enjoy into that bright future.

Candid image of the bride and groom

Congratulations Luke and Laura!

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  1. Mel Stokes
    May 20, 2017 - Reply

    Awesome photos Larissa! Definitely a very easy going photographer!! Looks like you’ve captured exactly want Luke and Laura wanted! Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos 🙂

    • LaraLane
      May 24, 2017

      Thanks, Mel. I’m really glad that you like the photos and I can’t wait to give Luke and Laura their gallery!

  2. May 20, 2017 - Reply

    Larissa and assistant were as professional as they were happy. Non intrusive and helpful are two words that come to mind. As for the finished product – they speak for themselves – beautiful! They are a Highly recommended team. (Father of the bride)

    • LaraLane
      May 24, 2017

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Steve. It was a pleasure meeting your family and documenting such a beautiful wedding.

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