Your wedding day is an expression of the two of you and your wedding photography should be, too.

Candid Wedding Photography

My candid, photojournalistic approach as a wedding photographer ensures each wedding gallery that I produce is unique. It represents that bride and groom, their reactions and emotions and love. The moments are captured, a story is told. I won’t recreate the same images for you as for any other couple, because you are different to any other couple. Your wedding day is different to any other couple’s. Understanding the importance of these images to a family, present and future, I make sure your wedding photography tells the story of your day, your love for each other and the love that you are surrounded by.


I will tailor your wedding photography to suit your particular needs. Whether you want to spend time posing with each of your guests, or you want to enjoy your day without hearing your photographer’s voice, I will work with you to ensure that I fit in perfectly with the flow of your perfect day.


My style as a wedding photographer is relaxed and unobtrusive. My approach is always to make sure that you are enjoying the process. Even the best-planned wedding day can be fraught, and the bride and groom portraits are generally the first opportunity for the couple to be alone. This should be a time when the two of you can stop and laugh, to enjoy being together and to take the time to process the momentousness of the event.


Because I stay away from passing trends, my wedding photography has a timeless look that you will love in twenty years just as much as you do today.

I would love to meet with you to discuss your wedding and what you need and want from me as your wedding photographer. I encourage you to ring me in the lead-up to your wedding to discuss your wedding photography, or anything else about your wedding. Or, just leave it to me on the day. It’s all about what you need. I’m your wedding photographer. I’m there for you.

Get in touch via the contact page now to ensure you have the personal, beautiful candid wedding photography that you deserve for your wedding.

As a Brisbane Wedding Photographer, I also offer wedding photography on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and anywhere else in Australia you need me to be.

Lara Lane Wedding Photography.
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