A little about me

Larissa Whiteside, Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Sure, like all the wedding photographers say, I love love. But much more than that, I am passionate about making photographs. To make an image where everything works, where the emotion and the light and the moment all come together, is deeply and profoundly satisfying. When my couples tell me that they looked through their wedding gallery for the first time and cried and laughed and lived their day again; and then all over again when they received their album – that’s why I do this.  It’s why I am continually learning and practicing and honing my craft. I want to be even better on the day that I photograph your wedding than I was the day you booked me.

I am a mum to two beautiful, much-photographed children. I have a law degree, which I concede has served me well fiscally, though not so much in terms of creative fulfilment. I love books, movies, art and cooking. Playing Mr Squiggle with my children is one of my favourite ways to spend my time. I binge watch The Handmaid’s Tale, while telling my husband (repeatedly), “That looks like a nice place to make a photo”.

Although I read only fiction, I am an avid listener of podcasts on any number of topics. I yearn for stories of any description. Stories are the way in which humanity is meant to learn, to grow, to understand each other. We are all meant to tell stories, and I feel honoured to be trusted to tell yours.


I enjoy playing with light and shade in my photography, a technique known as chiaroscuro. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Caravaggio used chiarascuro to isolate figures and heighten dramatic tension. Hundreds of years later, this method is the perfect approach for your wedding photography, giving dimension and showcasing emotion in images that will stand the test of hundreds of years yet.


Capturing moments

Just be yourself. Do what you are doing and enjoy the moment. I will be capturing everything as it unfolds. Maybe I will ask you to stand in a certain place, or turn your head a little, so I can make the best possible wedding photos for you. Then just continue being yourself. I will be positioning myself to capture everything in the best light, from the most flattering angle, to best tell the story, so that you can enjoy the day as well as the resulting images.

Creating moments

When it comes to portraits, we will start by choosing a gorgeous location with beautiful light. Some couples can pretty much take it from there themselves. Other couples prefer a little more direction. Which type of couple you are will become clear within the first five minutes of your engagement session, and by your wedding day I’ll know just what you need so that we can work together to make something beautiful.


My approach is relaxed. I am an introvert, so I am certainly not going out of my way to draw attention to myself. I understand that my fleeting presence in your life is about you, not me. It is important to me that I can work with you to create something beautiful, while you enjoy every minute. At the same time, I want to create something that will make your heart sing, so I will do what is needed to make that image.

On your wedding day, you will without doubt hear me say (and likely more than once), “Just one more. Okay, one more. Wait – the light here is just gorgeous! We’ll just get one more…”


I am not a natural light wedding photographer

To me, being a natural light wedding photographer is like being a hammer-only carpenter. What to do when a hammer is not the right tool for the job? When I was starting out as a photographer, I was a natural light photographer, and if I walked into a dark getting ready room, I freaked out. If everything ran late and suddenly I was doing bride and groom portraits in the dark – what could I do? I love natural light and if you give me a room with a beautiful window (extra credit for sheers) I am a happy photographer. But if the natural light isn’t there, I can still create something beautiful because I know how to make light – exactly as I want it.


I am not a documentary wedding photographer

I love, love, love candid wedding photography. Capturing moments is an integral part of what I do (and fits right in with my introversion, too) but I’m going to move that water bottle off the table to give me a clear shot of that moment. I’m going to ask you to stand by the window when your dad enters the room and sees his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time. Those little interventions are not spoiling the moment. They are making sure that your story is told not just authentically, but beautifully.


I am not a cheap wedding photographer

When you engage me as your wedding photographer, you are investing in quality. You are investing in a photographer who spends time and money on continuing education; who practices in her own time, not on her clients; who invests substantially in top quality cameras, lenses, lighting and gear; a photographer who has insurance. You’re investing in professional wedding photography. You’re investing in making sure your story is beautifully told.


Larissa Whiteside

Teller of Stories

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Available Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast,

Toowoomba, Byron Bay and Surrounds

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Brisbane Wedding Photographer
Available Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast,
Toowoomba, Byron Bay and Surrounds