Creating Moments on your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will go by in a whirl. The things that you will remember from your day are not the flowers that you so carefully chose, not the food, and not even the shoes (I agonised over the shoes for my wedding day, tossing up between two pairs, with the ones I finally settled on (and paid a fortune for) remaining hidden under my dress for the entire day. They were beautiful, though!).

It’s the connections, and the emotion that comes with those connections that will make your wedding day precious. Of course, these moments will occur naturally throughout the day as you spend time with your new spouse, your family and friends, but a little planning will give you memories that will last a lifetime, and an album of wedding photography that will be meaningful and treasured.

Here are a couple of ideas that you may want to incorporate into your wedding day.



One of my favourite wedding day rituals, sending a love note to each other on the morning of your wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to express your love, your excitement – whatever it is that you want your husband or wife-to-be to know and feel before the ceremony. This note is sometimes accompanied by a gift, but it’s that note that will be valued.



As a Brisbane wedding photographer, first looks are something that I am starting to see more of, as the idea spreads and couples recognise the advantages. This opportunity to see each other in a private, intimate moment becomes a cherished memory. And isn’t that what a wedding is all about? If you are looking for more information about first looks and whether it is a ritual that you would like to incorporate into your day, I have laid it all out for you in this article.



Your dad seeing you for the first time as he comes to take you to the ceremony is often a very emotional time for him. I suggest removing everyone else from the room for this moment so that there is space for him to express himself. To shed a tear and embrace you. Many brides have informed me before the wedding day that their dad is just not that kind of man, only to be surprised when the time comes. Even if your dad doesn’t express himself that way, it’s going to be a special moment for the two of you, and one that as your wedding photographer, I will be thrilled to capture for you to look back on, and to remember your dad by.



Almost every couple schedules a first dance for their reception, but this can be added to by, following the bride and groom’s first dance, the groom dancing with his mother as the bride dances with her father. There are often objections relating to this based on one or more of these people not “knowing how to dance”. I have two tips for you here. My now-husband and I learned to waltz using a diagram that came up on Google. It was very easy, and we still waltz to our first dance song (a cover of Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You by James Bay) when the mood takes us. Second tip – nobody minds if you can’t dance. Just swaying together is one hundred percent acceptable. Don’t miss this moment because you can’t dance – no one will be judging you.


These are some very simple, easy ways to create memories on your wedding day. You may have many more ideas, and as your wedding photographer, I encourage you to include as many of these types of moments into your day as you can. It’s what wedding day stories are made of. I also encourage you to include them in your wedding day timeline or at least let me know beforehand, so I can be ready to capture your story, beautifully.