As your wedding photographer, I am working to make sure that you look your best in every image. When it comes to the portrait sessions of the day, I will direct you to ensure that you really shine.  However by keeping these couple of things in mind, you will really notice the difference in the candid images that I capture as you prepare for, enjoy and celebrate your wedding day. By practising these couple of things in the months, weeks or even days before your wedding day, it will come naturally to you as you are saying your wedding vows or laughing with your wedding party, and you can only win.




Good posture makes an enormous difference in how we look, and the key is a straight spine. Whether sitting or standing, try to make sure that from your lower back to the base of your neck is straight and pull tall, as if there is a piece of string attached to the top of your head, pulling you up.

If you are taller than your lover, try to bend from the hips or base of the neck rather than hunching over when you are together.



You should not only look relaxed in your wedding photographs, you should actually be relaxed! Looking and feeling relaxed begins with your stance. The key to this relaxation, rather than looking stiff and awkward in your wedding photos, is placing your weight on one foot (generally the foot furthest from the camera) and resting your other foot weightlessly on the ground. For women, if you pop your hip out over the foot that is carrying your weight, this will give you a lovely curve.


  1. ARMS

Sadly, many women are unhappy with the way their arms look. Compounding this, almost all wedding dresses are sleeveless! You can make sure that your arms look their best by holding them slightly away from your body. Even the skinniest arms will look bigger if they are pressed flat against your body.

4.   HANDS

I am not sure that this is as much a tip for couples as it is a problem for some wedding photographers. It makes me so sad to see photos of beautiful, newly-married couples kissing with their arms dropped down to their sides. Perhaps even worse, images where a bride is embracing her new husband, and he has his hand in his pocket, like he doesn’t care. Touch each other. Put your hands on each other. You are in love and if there is any time to express that love, tenderness and passion, it is this day, your wedding day. Even when directing families for wedding day portraits, I always say, if you love the person next to you, touch them! Showing love and relationships is an essential part of your story.

If you remember none of these things, it still going to be fine! The images will be much better if you are relaxed and enjoying yourself rather than consciously trying to remember these posing tips. But if you practice, if it occurs to you to just straighten up, it’s not going to hurt. And when the time is right, I will direct you for stunning, frame-worthy portraits. It’s all good.