Families, individuals, couples, babies, just the kids. Like any good photographer, I can deliver you beautiful posed images to hang on your wall. I can tell you how to hold your hands, where to put your feet, chin up, chin down. I can help you to relax and laugh and feel as natural as you can while looking at a camera. But my favourite part, and the thing that in the end the clients appreciate the most, is those moments between the poses. The natural interaction between sitter and photographer, the exploration of the relationship between mother and child, father and child, lovers, siblings, friends, people. This is what Lara Lane can offer you, that other photographers can’t. And when that posed image is out of date and taken down off the wall, it is these images that will make you feel all over again.

If you want to skip those poses altogether, organise an activity – a family day at the park; a date at the place you first met your lover; a personal passion – and I will capture those moments as they unfold. No-one said that you had to pose!

I also offer an all-day family session that lasts from when the children wake up to when they go to sleep. Capture that whole day in all its natural ups and downs; joys and monotony; love and habit. What a beautiful heirloom for your family to look over together for years to come.

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